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Preparing for Literacy

Improving Literacy in KS1

Improving Literacy in KS2


Fluency Resources

Teaching Reading - Developing Fluency

Why Focus on Reading Fluency?

Teaching Reading - Evidence into Action

How I Teach Reading Fluency

Beware of The Matthew Effect in Our Schools: Robert Merton (1968)

Voice 21: The Oracy Framework

The Bell Foundation: Building Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary & Schema Building

Closing the Reading Gap Resources

5 Vocabulary Teaching Myths

Tim Rasinski - The Multidimentional Fluency Rubrik

The Seven Pillars of Teaching Reading


Alex Quigley - Closing the Reading Gap                           

Alex Quigley - Closing the Vocabulary Gap


Early Language Resources

Kirstie Page - Speech, Language & Early Literacy Consultant


CLICK HERE for Kirstie's Universal CPD Offer

This CPD link is within the public domain. Please feel free to access the content of the folder. 

The content of this folder includes:

  • The link to the EYFS Forum Podcast.
  • The link to the EYFS Forum – Speech & Language for 5-7 Year Olds.
  • The Link to the EYFS Forum – SLCD & PSED article.
  • Language Enrichment Training – Originally delivered through YEAT English Hub this discusses the principles of interactions and language enrichment when taking children’s current skills and next steps into consideration. Although Launchpad is briefly mentioned, this training is applicable for all, even if people don’t use Launchpad.
  • Speech & Language – The Bedrock for Literacy – this interview with Kathy Brodie for the EYFS Summit with the Speech, Language & Communication focus, looks at how SLC Development underpins literacy readiness. However, we also discuss links with PSED, maths and the move towards a Knowledge-Based Curriculum.
  • Links to CPD through Orgill English Hub – Interactions & Language Enrichment, What to consider if children are not on-track/Meeting age-related expectations? & Embedding Interventions for Common Targets from Speech & Language Therapy
  • Launchpad for Literacy & the EYFS – This is an overview of Launchpad for Literacy within the EYFS, looking at how it fits in with the EYFS Reforms, Phase One, identifying SLC and other needs and working with outside agencies.
  • Link to discussions with Anne Brass from Durham LA about the Ethos & Applications of Launchpad for Literacy

Subfolder – Witham St. Hugh’s English Hub

  • Recording of ‘Identifying Barriers to Phonic Learning & Progression’ CPD