Meet the Team

Lisa Cassidy - Strategic Lead

I look forward to this next year with real excitement. The work we are doing with the DfE, as part of the English Hub, moves into its fourth year of funding. We are seeing real impact in schools and with the professionals that we are working with. We look forward to continuing to support those schools we have a privilege of working with so far and with those schools who will engage throughout this year.

Amy Wells - Hub Lead

I have been English Hub Lead for Witham St Hughs English Hub since September 2020. I am passionate about improving outcomes for all children and truly believe that all children can, and should, become life-long readers. I have over 15 years’ experience working in education, having taught in Years 1 and 2, led a KS1 team and worked as a KS1 moderator. I have led whole school English and worked as an SLE, supporting many teachers and whole school teams to improve classroom practice and overall outcomes for children. As Deputy Headteacher for 7 years, I completed my NPQH and led a teacher training programme; coaching and mentoring trainee teachers, mentors and programme tutors. I am passionate about children’s literature and working with schools to develop children’s love of reading!

Donna Woosey - Literacy Specialist

Hello, I’m Donna Woosey and have been a teacher for over 10 years. I have worked in a variety of roles, across all phases. Working as an English Specialist has given me a diverse set of skills required to support schools with differing needs. I have a passion for promoting the love of early reading, ensuring that I inspire children to be confident, fluent readers with the ability to unlock the whole curriculum. It is wonderful to work alongside other expert English Specialists, helping to develop and challenge each other’s skills and expertise.

Susanna Craddock - Literacy Specialist

I am an experienced teacher of 18 years. I am currently teaching across F1 and F2 but have taught in KS1 and Lower KS2. Early Years education is my passion, which is why most of my teaching career has been in EYFS (F2) and Year One. Over the course of my career I have been extremely fortunate in experiencing many additional roles, including mentoring student teachers and teachers early in their careers, both within my own schools and through my recent role as an ITT phonics tutor and ITT programme tutor. In addition,I have supported other teachers and settings through EYFS moderation visits and as an SLE in EYFS, I have supported numerous schools in developing their provisionto improve outcomes for their children. I am currently studying a certificate in non-directive play therapy at Leeds Beckett University.

Jackie Mawer - Literacy Specialist

My name is Jackie Mawer and I am proud to be a Literacy Specialist and part of an amazing team of like-minded teachers at Witham St Hughs English Hub. I have taught mainly in Early Years and Key Stage One for over 30 years in several schools across Lincolnshire and have been a Phonics and Reading Leader. I believe that learning to read provides the key to success and no child should ever be left behind, regardless of background or circumstances.I love supporting schools and working alongside passionate and positive staff who are invested in making a difference to our children’s futures. There is still nothing better than hearing a child say, ‘I can read!’ for the first time and believing in themselves as a reader.

Debbie McKay - Literacy Specialist

My name is Debbie McKay, and I am one of Witham St Hugh’s English Hub Literacy Specialists. I am the Deputy Headteacher and English and Reading Lead at Benjamin Adlard Primary School, in Gainsborough. I am determined to ensure all children in our school develop a love of reading and want to choose to read and so when the opportunity arose to support other schools in this quest through been part of the English Hub team, I jumped at the chance. I am committed to and passionate about developing the confidence, knowledge and skills of Reading Leaders within schools, in order to help them build a team of expert reading teachers.

Lynne Rocks - Literacy Specialist

My name is Lynne Rocks and I am part of the fabulous Witham St. Hughs English Hub Team.  I have worked in education for 30 years and have extensive experience in teaching F.S. and KS1 children. My career as a teacher has been interesting and diverse, with many years working as an A.S.T. followed by S.L.E. work, supporting other teachers and school settings.

I currently support a range of very different schools. Helping fellow practitioners with their quest to "get every child reading" is my main driver as I have seen the impact that being able to read has on pupils' life chances. 

Hannah Younger -Literacy Specialist

Hello, I am Hannah Younger and I work at Witham St Hughs Academy. I have 10 years teaching experience and I am currently EYFS, KS1, Phonics and Reading Leader at Witham St Hughs Academy. I am extremely passionate about my role as Phonics and Reading Lead as I strongly believe in the importance of early reading for all children.  I am fully committed to inspiring a love of reading in children and ensuring that all children are confident, fluent and lifelong readers. I feel very privileged to be working in my role as Literacy Specialist for Witham St Hughs English Hub where I get to work alongside other expert Reading Leaders.

David Coleman - Literacy Specialist

Hello, I’m David Coleman and I work at Mercer’s Wood Academy as English and Phonics Lead, working across Key Stage 1 and 2. I strongly believe that reading underpins everything we do in school, and it comes down to the fantastic work we do as teachers. As an avid reader myself, I am passionate about sharing this love of reading with others across school to support the next generation of confident, independent readers.  

I am fortunate to be part of a team who do valuable work to champion reading in schools; helping children to succeed with early reading and the exciting journey they take afterwards.  

Claire Savage - Literacy Specialist 

Hello, my name is Claire Savage and I am a Literacy Specialist for the wonderful Witham St Hughs English Hub Team. I have been teaching for over 15 years and I am Senior Teacher at Branston Church of England Infant Academy. My role includes English and Phonics Lead in FS and KS1.  

I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that all children become fluent, confident readers so that they can access all areas of the curriculum and flourish in every aspect of their learning. I believe that reading should be at the heart of every school and every curriculum so that children can develop a genuine love of reading which will last a lifetime. 

Emma Byers - Literacy Specialist

Hello, I am Emma Byers and I work at a large primary school in Lincoln where my role is Assistant Principal, Phonics and EYFS Lead. I have over 20 years of Early Years and Key Stage 1 experience. My passion for teaching the youngest children and enabling them to have a love of books, combined with working in an area of high deprivation gives me a solid understanding of how unlocking that ability to read, not only underpins all of their learning, but will increase their life chances. I am also passionate about reading for pleasure, developing lifelong readers and children's literature, seeing that love of books ripple throughout the full school and linking to all areas of the curriculum fills me with excitement!

Laura Beesley - Literacy Specialist

Hello, my name is Laura Beesley and I am a KS1 teacher and Phonics Lead at Pinchbeck East Church of England Primary Academy. It is my firm belief that all children are capable of learning to read and are entitled to know how to read well. It fills me with excitement knowing the wealth of opportunities reading unlocks for children. Reading is imperative in enabling children to access the curriculum and explore the lives of different characters naturally leading to the expansion of their own experiences, world and aspirations. 

Over my 10 years of teaching, it has been my passion to support and inspire adults to develop their own skills in the teaching of phonics and recently to support schools in the development of their early reading provision. I feel privileged to work with a wonderful team of Literacy Specialists, who strive for all children to leave primary school with a love of reading, and the essential skills needed to become inspired, curious and life-long readers.

Carrieanne Nicolson - English Hub Co-ordinator

Hello, I am Carrieanne Nicolson and I am the English Hub Co-ordinator. I have worked with the English Hub since the beginning of the programme in 2019. I am privileged to be part of such a fantastic School Improvement programme and thoroughly enjoy supporting our Partner Schools and Medium Level Schools to access a wide range of training opportunities to develop their Early Reading (phonics), Early Language and Reading for Pleasure provision within their schools. Prior to this role, I worked as an administrator at Witham St Hughs Academy and loved nothing more than being part of a school environment and seeing children thrive and achieve. 

Jody Robertson - Administrator

Hello, I am Jody Robertson and I am the Witham St Hughs English Hub Accelerator Funding Administrator. I have 6 years experience as a Teaching Assistant within both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

As a Teaching Assistant I have been proud to be part of children’s reading journeys as they learn to read. The most rewarding aspect is to hear them develop into confident, fluent readers. It is a privilege to witness the spark in children’s eyes as their love for reading blossoms.